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The Empire Has Fallen is a fantasy hex-and-counter wargame with a few twists. If you've ever wanted something akin to classic real-time strategy games with a bit of Yomi thrown in, then you are the target audience.

  • Double-Blind Order Assignment: Units are given orders they will follow as the turn progresses. Predict and outmaneuver your opponent.
  • Territory Control: A light logistics system involving reinforcements, base building, and blockade of said bases.
  • Scenario-Based Combat: All games are scenario-based by default. Forces are assembled prior to determining the scenario, so be ready for anything.
  • Two to Four Players: This game works well with more than two players. The size of the map and time you have to play should scale up as more players are added.
  • Four Distinct Factions: Choose from one of four factions with strong differentiation:
    • Tridine: A lizard-like race whose units evolve in the middle of battle to adapt to the battlefield conditions.
    • Unhallowed: Death-worshiping remnants of the fallen Empire who summon their heroes from the afterlife to fight now.
    • Devourer: A bizarre, implacable organism that terraforms the battlefield to improve it's own combat capabilities.
    • United Freemen: The Empire's liberated slaves using modernized war doctrines like "Formations" and "Captains", the Freemen are a combined-arms fighting force.
  • Ugly Basic Tokens: included so you can start playing right now (well, after some cutting). These are a separate file from the rule book.


TEHF Token Sheets.pdf 164 kB
The Empire Has Fallen v0.1 15 MB


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Very interesting looking. I look forward to seeing how this develops.